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My Easy Connect

With the "My Easy Connect" button you will always be just one click away from direct access to a
host of personalized benefits information.

The "My Easy Connect" button provides a direct link to your companys customized web portal providing access to information such as 401(k) balances, insurance benefits summaries, physician network lookup, claims information, ordering ID cards, and much more in an easy to understand single source format.
Click on the "My Easy Connect" button to access your benefits information.

Fiduciary Checklist

The Simple Truths Every Plan Sponsor Should Know...
  • Yes, it's true. You are a Fiduciary.
  • You must understand All your plan fees.
  • You need to benchmark your plan.
  • You must maintain an Investment Policy Statement.
  • You should form an Investment Committee.
  • You are required to monitor your plan.
To "Learn More" about your role as a
Fiduciary click below and complete the 

Wealth Management

At JT Stratford, unlike other major financial institutions, we do not have an “investment policy” that all clients must somehow fit into.  We supply the sound intellectual framework, emotional discipline and analytical tools to manage your assets to achieve your financial objectives. 

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